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Beginners’ Course details
The aim of the course is to give participants an appreciation of the techniques and skills of Judo as well as gaining actual skills and improving fitness. The classes will tend to be practical rather than theoretical. Attendees will learn how to break-fall, with a fair mix of throwing and grappling techniques. The classes will be taught in the dojo and attendees can wear a Judogi (judo uniform) or loose clothing with a football strength top. Attendees should ensure finger and toenails are cut short.
The beginners’ courses will cover many aspects of Judo but emphasis will be placed on gaining practical Judo skills rather than trying to cram a lot of techniques into a short course. Revision of techniques will occur in all classes to ensure you master the basics. The course will be based on various judo subjects which typically will cover the following content:

Example of a class:

  • Introduction: Judo Etiquette: Bowing and terminology and aims
  • Warm up: Stretching and aerobic exercises and games
  • Break Falls: Rear, Side and Forward: Instruction and practice
  • Throws: Introduction: Off Balancing, Pivoting and throwing.
  • Uchikomi: Repetitious movements where the throwing technique is taken to just before the throw is completed
  • Throwing practice using O-Goshi (Major Hip throw) and Seoi Nage (Shoulder Throw)
  • Grappling: Introduction to Immobilisations using Kesa Gatame (Scarf Hold)
  • Hold Down Challenge
  • Cool down

Expressions of Interest for the Next 5 week course (Block 2 dates 29 April - 27 May 2021 8-9pm)
Email your details to (Name, date of birth, ANU Student Number if a student) and an email will be sent to you to confirm enrolment. The course fees will be ($60 students, $75 ANU Gym Members, $90 non-students) and we will let you know how to pay fees closer to the commencement date.

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